Optical Illusions Collection, Machine Knitting


  • Publisher: Artika Designs
  • Product Code: AD-OPT
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The designs in this collection share the common feature that they are not what they appear! The designs follow in the footsteps of the Japanese optical tradition as well as American patchwork designs which delight in forming squares which when pieced together illuminate circular or other shapes or objects. Many designs in the Optical Illusions collection incorporate multiple layers of patterning so that the design changes depending on the way you look at it. Different shapes come to the fore at different times, and sometimes all are perceived at once so that you might be seeing a series of circles, yet a series of squares or triangles at the same time. Alternatively you might see a series of blocks stacked up at first glance, but a series of flowers when you look again.
Most of the designs in the book are suitable for both 24 and 40 stitch machines and electronics, are quick and easy to knit and all have at least one version with short floats.
In addition the designs double up as textured fabric designs which can be knitted on the garter carriage and some of the textured versions are illustrated in the book.
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