Ikat Designs Collection, Machine Knitting


  • Publisher: Artika Designs
  • Product Code: AD-IKAT
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Since ikat is a weaving technique, a knitted fabric cannot be an ikat fabric, but it can echo the distinctive appearance for which Ikats are known. Unlike some design traditions, which can be difficult to translate into knitted form, the distinctive ikat appearance fits comfortably with the horizontal lines which are naturally produced in knitted fabrics. Some of the included designs have a horizontal pattern, some have vertical patterning, and others have diagonal patterning.  The horizontal designs can be infinitely varied by imaginative use of colour, and in the design notes for the stitch patterns are included ideas for colour alongside the designs.
There are 21 basic designs in the Ikat collection with extra variations for colourways and short floats.  Each design comes with two versions suitable for 24st. or 40st punchcard machines and owners of electronic machines can knit both.  As usual, float lengths are as short as possible, and most of the designs have floats not longer than 6 stitches.  For designs with longer floats there is a variation with shorter floats for the 24 stitch design
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