Eastern Promise Collection, Machine Knitting


  • Publisher: Artika Designs
  • Product Code: AD-EAST
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Contemporary Japanese-inspired designs for 24 & 40 st. machines. Short Floats. This collection gathers together a very varied selection of designs although they all echo the distinctive simplicity and clean lines of Japanese and eastern style and all are based on two knitting colours only.
The book contains 49 punchcard diagrams, based on 26 design ideas and producing over 60 different fabrics if you count the totally different ones that are sometimes obtained just by swopping dark and light yarns around! The designs can be used both for garments and interior furnishings, and many are also very successful knitted as textured designs on the garter carriage.
There are a number of bold distinctive designs featuring circles, fan shapes and lozenges, a group of "optical" designs - where shapes and lines seem to emerge from nowhere and change depending on the way you look at the design. There is also a group of purely abstract contemporary designs where irregular shapes emerge subtly from a textured looking background. These are particularly useful for those seeking almost floatless knitting - some have a maximum float length of 3 stitches. In addition to these there are a number of stencil designs based on the japanese stencil tradition - a couple of designs which "patchwork" different fabrics together in interesting crazy paving effects, and finally for those who yearn for something leaning towards the traditional - some more intricate designs mirroring Japanese stencils, fern and floral shapes. 
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