Contemporary Pattern Collection, Machine Knitting


  • Publisher: Artika Designs
  • Product Code: AD-CP
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This collection embraces the quirky patterning of the sixties alongside the colourful mediterranean trends of the eighties and nineties, encompassing along the way, threads of art deco and japanese style monotones.
Included are some designs with rich colour combinations where some colour changing enhances the design, but where the knitting remains relatively straightforward - all changes at the same side of the knitting, only two colours in a row etc. At the same time there are designs which rely on the built-in patterning, not colour, for the impact of the design, so you can choose whether to go for something very quick, or whether to set aside some quality time for your knitting!!
Most of the designs in the book are suitable for both 24 and 40 stitch machines or have a separate version for each. There are a couple of larger designs suitable for electronics as well. The separate versions of the designs often produce a slightly different effect, thus giving you the choice of two designs. Many also produce attractive designs using the garter carriage
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