Art Deco Collection, Machine Knitting


  • Publisher: Artika Designs
  • Product Code: AD-ART
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There are 20 designs in this collection of Art Deco knitting designs- some linear or angular, some circular, rounded or oval, some designs incorporating a feeling of movement and energy others reflecting calm and order. There are a number of border designs as well as the full complement of all-over textile designs, all suitable both for garments and furnishing fabrics.
The Art Deco designs in the book are suitable for both 24 and 40 stitch machines and electronics using the fairisle setting, and are quick and easy to knit. In addition many are very successful knitted as textured designs on the garter carriage.
As usual the all-over designs feature short floats, but with the borders some leeway has been allowed. The odd area of long floats in these designs allows a bolder design, or allows a design to taper off into a plain area of fabric so there is no perceptable join between the two areas, and the finished knitting will appear as a single bordered fabric.
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