News & Views Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 2, Published September 2006


  • Publisher: Country Knitting of Maine
  • Product Code: NEWV16
This is a 62 page magazine/newsletter by machine knitters, and for machine knitters. Originally by Alles Hutchinson, it is now published six times a year by Linda Williams of Maine, USA. I am the sole UK and Europe distributor of this excellent publication.

 * Letter From The Editor
 * Contents page
 * The Information Page
 * Bias Scarf by Kathryn Doubrley (Mid gauge)
 * Stockinet Scarves & More Laces by Gail Darby
 * Felting Fiasco by Kathryn Doubrley
 * Paisley Purse by Karthryn Doubrley
 * Felted Mittens & Hat by Kathryn Doubrley
 * Leg Warmers by Natalie Langkilde (Standard Gauge)
 * Staying Current with Jennie Merritt
 * Christmas Tree Skirt by Kathryn Doubrley
 * Fast & Easy Mid Gauge Slippers by Mary Poyntor-Batt
 * Wildberry Socks by Roz Porter (Any machine)
 * Headband & Mock Rib Hat by Roz Porter (Standard gauge)
 * Pumpkin Costume by Sharon Baker (Standard gauge)
 * Little Red Riding Hood Poncho by Sharon Baker
 * The Not Rocket Science Christening Gown by Gail Darby.
 * Bookmarks with Hanging Guide by Thelma Buckley
 * Brother/Knitking Electronic machines Fuses
 * Designaknit from Soups to Nuts by Cathie Sanders
 * Lady’s Traditional Poncho by Mary Poyntor-Batt (Bulky)
 * Merry Christmas Afghan by Melanny Maxwell (electronic)
 * A Different Cable Stitch
 * Pearly Pearl Sweater by Kathryn Doubrley (Standard gauge)
 * Display Rack by Lora Kinnan
 * The Answer Lady by Kathryn Doubrley
 * E-wrap Ribber cast on by Sharon Baker
 * Contest & Book Reviews
 * Beginners Lesson Part 2
 * Beginners Hold Pillow by Sharon McCarty (all machines)
 * The Traveling Knitter by Mary Poyntor-Batt
 * Men’s Sideway Vest by Kathryn Doubrley (Standard Gauge)
 * Groups, Meetings, Seminars and Guilds
 * Advertising

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