8.00mm 100cm Prym Fixed Circular Knitting Needles


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  • Product Code: 800-100

Size 8mm, length 100cm / 40 inches Prym fixed circular knitting needles

Lightweight fixed circular knitting needles with plastic tips. All the needles have a flexible cord and smooth joins.

If the cord curls too much once out of the packet, soak the whole needle in hot (not boiling!) water for a few minutes to soften the cord, then gently straighten it between your finger and thumb.

Circular knitting needles are an excellent alternative to straight knitting needles, and are much more versatile. Apart from knitting in the round to produce seamless garments, you can also knit back and forth as you would with conventional straight needles. They are much kinder to your wrists and arms as well, as the weight of the knitting will be held by the cord and will rest in your lap. With straight needles, the weight of the knitting is entirely on the needles, which can be a problem for those of us with arthritic wrists.