News & Views Newsletter Vol 9 Issue 6, Published May 2015


  • Publisher: Country Knitting of Maine
  • Product Code: V9I6
This is a 48 page magazine/newsletter by machine knitters, and for machine knitters. Originally by Alles Hutchinson, it is now published six times a year by Linda Williams of Maine, USA. I am the sole UK and Europe distributor of this excellent publication.

 * Colored Photos
 * Introduction
 * Contents
 * 2015 Hat Contest
 * The Information Page
 * Retro Wear by Kathryn Doubrley. Standard gauge & Passap
 * Book Reviews by Nina Banks
 * Happy Hat by Kathryn Doubrley. Any Machine
 * Fisherman’s Rib Scoodie by Kathryn Doubrley. Any machine with ribber
 * Faux Paws by Kathryn Doubrley. Any Japanese Machine
 * Waterfall Scallop Edge Cardi by Marilyn Henderson. Standard Gauge Machine
 * Alterations on Skirt & Blouse by Merebeth Yankey
 * Scottie Dog by Jo Newton. For Punch Card & Electronic Machines
 * Girl Talk Cardigan by Kathryn Doubrley. Any Machine
 * Lace Rib Pullover by John E. Lachett. Bond Machine
 * How to Do Fisherman Rib
 * Yeoman’s Fine crepe Top by Clair Crowston. Standard gauge knitting machine
 * How to Punch a Card for the 12 Stitch Knitting Machines
 * The Truth About Knitting Machines
 * Clubs & Seminars
 * Where Is Peanut Contest
 * Advertisements

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Available to the United Kingdom and Europe only. Customers in the United States and the rest of the world should order direct from the publisher.
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