Illusion Sweater, Machine Knitting Pattern


  • Publisher: Jigsawknits
  • Product Code: ILLT3
For standard gauge punchcard & electronic machines with a garter carriage.

Illusion patterns are also known as "Shadow Knitting". The picture really doesn't do the pattern justice. The finished pattern is very effective, and depending on the angle you look at it, the pattern will disappear and reappear. The effect is very similar to the hologram you see at the bottom of a credit card. It's easier and quicker to knit than most illusion sweaters, as the illusion pattern is in a central panel only. One size to fit 36 - 42 inches (garment measures 46 inches)

The printed pattern is supplied in a protective plastic sleeve. It's also available on CD with DesignaKnit files, as part of a collection of six different machine knitting patterns.

This product is also available to download with or without DesignaKnit files