Six Patterns for all Standard Gauge Knitting Machines, Download Version


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A downloadable .ZIP file containing all 6 patterns shown in Adobe PDF format. DesignaKnit 6, 7 & 8 stitch pattern files are also included where appropriate, though you don't need the program as full instructions are included with each pattern, with punchcard and/or electronic charts where applicable. They are all suitable for any level of expertise from beginner to advanced, and can be knitted on any Brother, Knitmaster or Toyota standard gauge knitting machine, except for the Illusion Sweater which needs a Brother machine with a garter carriage.

All the patterns (except the Leftover Sweater) are also available as single printed patterns and as single downloadable files.

Ultimate Tunic
For punchcard and electronic standard gauge machines. This garment can be knitted in simple stocking stitch, or with the garter carriage. Using the garter carriage will give the garment texture, which when steam pressed will catch the light and give extra interest to the fabric. Instructions are given for shaping the neckline on the machine. This method is used when knitting in stocking stitch. For garter carriage knitting, a cut & sew neck version is shown, complete with a printed template for the neckline, and full instructions. No ribber is required as the bands are knitted in stocking stitch. To fit sizes 30 - 44 inches (garment measures 34 - 48 inches)

Illusion Sweater
For standard gauge punchcard & electronic machines with a garter carriage. The picture really doesn't do the pattern justice. The finished pattern is very effective, and depending on the angle you look at it, the pattern will disappear and reappear. The effect is very similar to the hologram you see at the bottom of a credit card. It's easier and quicker to knit than most illusion sweaters, as the illusion pattern is in a central panel only. One size to fit 36 - 42 inches (garment measures 46 inches).

Clover Sweater
For electronic standard gauge machines, with or without a ribber. The sweater is knitted sideways. Sleeves are attached to the body by picking up the stitches of the armhole, and knitted from the top down to the cuff. Cuffs and welts are attached last. Instructions for ribbed or fairisle welts & cuffs. To fit sizes 30 - 52 inches (garment measures 34 - 56 inches)

Leftover Sweater
For punchcard and electronic standard gauge machines, with or without a ribber. A modified drop shoulder sweater - a great pattern for using up all your odds and ends! For punchcard & electronic knitting machines. To fit sizes 32 - 46 inches (garment measures 36 - 50 inches)

Easy Rib Cardigan
For standard gauge machines with a ribber. This is an easy to knit full needle rib (FNR) cardigan with set-in sleeves. It has classic styling, and a relaxed, easy fit. No fiddly buttonholes either, I have shown a very easy way to do these. This cardigan could easily be knitted in a couple of afternoons. There are two lengths to choose from; hip length or a longer tunic length to wear over leggings etc. To fit sizes 30 - 48 inches (garment measures 34 - 52 inches)

Snowflake Jacket
For punchcard & electronic standard gauge machines, with or without a ribber. The jacket is knitted sideways in one piece from left front to right front. Sleeves are knitted separately, and the cuffs and welts are attached last. Pockets with vertical openings are optional, and are knitted with the jacket body. Instructions for ribbed or fairisle welts & cuffs. To fit sizes 30 - 52 inches (garment measures 34 - 56 inches)
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