How to use the Calcuknit by Alles Hutchinson


  • Publisher: Country Knitting of Maine
  • Product Code: HOWX7
This is Ragu Charting using the Knitting Calculator written by Alles Hutchinson.. This is 36 pages of information to teach you exactly how to use your knitting calculator. The calcuknit allows you to chart garments, converts your measurements to actual stitches and rows and this book tells you how. Brother and Knitking sold these wonderful little items and there are a lot of them not being used. This book will help you figure out how it works. This has a thorough explanation of the key pad and what all the keys are for, explanation of the different modes, how to trick the Ragu's brain, the missing mode, vital information for using the ragu, includes patterns for square crotch pants, how to make a simple three panel skirt, explanation of the alarm function, how to chart a chanel jacket, charting a sideways skirt, charting a sideways top kimono sleeve, charting a sideways knit top with dolman sleeves.Very helpful book, reprinted from articles from News & Views and republished by Country Knitting Of Maine.

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