Understanding Your Ribber by Alles Hutchinson


  • Publisher: Country Knitting of Maine
  • Product Code: UNDR7
An in-depth book that goes beyond your ribber manual to give you a better understanding of what your ribber can do.

Contents include:
Ribber vs doublebed, Types of Ribbers, Connected Ribber (positions, racking, close knit bar, importance of yarn weight), Cast on methods for 1x1 rib (basic cast on, double zigzag, racking cast on, old style cast on, single bed e wrap, double bed e wrap), Transferring stitches (one stitch at a time, four stitches at a time, from ribbing to stockinet, from stockinet to ribbing), Variations of 1x1 rib ( English rib, tuck on ribber, tuck on main bed, fishermans' rib, Swung english rib, checkerboard English rib, pick rib, swung pick rib, tuck rib), Ribs in 2x2, 3x3, etc (using different weights yarns, commercial rib for fine yarn), Full needle rib and variations (pin tuck, patterned full needle rib, punch tuck, punch pin tuck, racking patterns, raised zigzag, herringone swing), circular or tubular knit (open edge cast on, e wrap cast on, hems for circular knitting, crochet, tension hem, double hem, tubular casing), Half tubular or circular knit, Shaping, Binding off (cast off for fine needle rib, easiest cast off, little more difficult, two step cast off, back stitch bind off, sewn off bind off on machine, sewn off bind off off machine), correcting errors (picking up dropped stitches, carriage jams, ripping back rows),tension and gauge, pleats, smocked ribbing, sculptured knits, buttonholes (slip stitch, bound off buttonhole, simple single buttonhole, simple large buttonhole, buttonhole in fine needle rib, hand finished, machine finished, tubular buttonhole band),aran style knitting, turning cables with ribber, fringe, ribber adjustments (needle alignment, checking alignment, adjust brother/knitking, adjust Singer/Studio, if carriage locks on needles, if russel levers drop, special effects (simulknit, drive lace, procedure, automatic operatin, design, yarn, tension, cast on, shaping, binding off, blocking), plating, shadow lace, ribber transfer carriage, punch pile, Double Jacquard (brother/knitking, singer/studio, J-1 carriage, color changer, semi-double jacquard, preparing the design).

Comb bound booklet, 74 full size pages

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