Nicely Knit Primer 1, Singer/Studio/Knitmaster Beginner Lessons by Mary Louise Norman


  • Publisher: Country Knitting of Maine
  • Product Code: NICR7
Setting up your knitting machine, preparation of yarn, basic machine care, needle description, needle positions & uses, touch levers, drums and hints, sinker posts, scrapping on, e loop cast on, simple increases and decreases, multiple increase, simple bind off, ripping a row out, basic abbreviations list, picot hems, latch tool bind off, eyelets, latch tool cast on, short rowing or partial knitting, your punch cards, correcting an error while knitting with cards, replacing needles, introduction to the knit contour, the swatch, shaping, adding the neck ribbing, and lots more.

Specifically written for all Studio/Singer (UK Knitmaster) machines, a Brother/Knitking version is also available.

51 pages, comb bound full page booklet

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