News & Views Newsletter Vol 10 Issue 1, Published July 2015


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 * Colored photos
 * Contents
 * Keep Maine Warm Campaign
 * Information Page
 * Snowmen & Associates by Kathryn Doubrley - Standard-Bulky-Mid Gauge & Passap
 * Efficiency Mittens by Kathryn Doubrley - Standard & Passap Machines
 * Sleeve Extensions by Merebeth Yankey
 * Pumpkin Hats by Kathryn Doubrley - Standard-Mid Gauge & Bulky Machines
 * Crocodiles by Jo Newton - Punch card & Electronic Machines
 * Girl Talk Skirt for 18” dolls by Kathryn Doubrley. Standard, Mid gauge & Bulky machines
 * Around the House Lounging Socks by Kathryn Doubrley. Mid Gauge & Bulky Knitting Machines
 * Book Reviews by Nina Banks
 * Ladies Felted Footie Socks by Bonnie Cummings
 * Tea Towel Topper & Matching Soap Bottle Apron by Nina Banks. Standard gauge Machine
 * Punch Thread Lace Top by Clair Crowston. Standard Gauge Machines
 * Make Me a Mermaid (The Mermaid Sack) by Kathryn Doubrley. Standard Gauge, Mid Gauge, Bulky, Passaps, Superba. Infant through adults size 60.
 * Random Thoughts for New Knitters by Alles Hutchinson & Linda Williams
 * Penny Pincher Coin Purses 1 - Woven by Kathryn Doubrley. Standard Gauge Machine
 * Warm Weather Classic by Kathryn Doubrley - Standard Gauge Machine
 * Let’s Have some Anniversary Fun - Contests
 * Clubs & Seminars
 * Where is Peanut Contest - Win Prizes
 * Advertisements

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