News & Views Newsletter Vol 3 Issue 5, Published March 2009


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 * Comfy Cosy Cushions by Maggie Andrews
 * Butterflies by Jo Newton
 * One Piece Baby Sweater by Kangamooknits
 * Edgings by Sandy Lightfoot
 * Machine Embroidery on Knits by Cathie Sanders
 * Self-Patterning Wrap by Kathryn Doubrley
 * DAK Questions & Answers by Cathie Sanders
 * No More Moths by Kathryn Doubrley
 * Easy Triangular Shawl, Author Unknown
 * Mid-Gauge Jacket by Kathryn Doubrley
 * Fisherman’s Rib Toque for Men by Pat Holbrook of Cardiknits
 * Child’s Passap Toque by Cardiknits
 * Maggie’s Magic Pick A Card, Part 2 by Maggie Andrews
 * Bulky Mitten By Lora Kinnan
 * Can & Bottle Cozies by Sharon Baker
 * Design a Pattern by Ileen Levy
 * Beginners Lesson- Drive Lace
 * Drive Lace Afghan
 * For Beginners by Beginners
 * Rib Hat by Patty Schwab
 * Easy Casing Insert by Marge Parker
 * Book Reviews
 * Clubs & Seminars
 * Where Is Peanut Contest
 * Advertising