We do not sell photocopies of original patterns, neither do we offer for download any patterns for which we do not personally hold the copyright.

All products offered are original copyright material. It is illegal to make the contents of our products or any part thereof, accessible for the use of third parties, including the purchase of a single copy for multiple use such as the purchase of one copy for the use of club members. It is illegal to copy our products by any means whatsoever, including multiple print copies, or by any electronic means, including transmitting via IT, or to keep them in any type of retrieval system.

The products are licensed to one user only as only one purchase price will have been paid. The Licensee is permitted to produce items, bearing credit to the designer, for personal use, also commercial gain where such is part of a small/home business. Mass production is not allowed. All rights are reserved.


Why Copyright Matters

The whole matter of copyright can be a complicated subject, but please consider this scenario before photocopying or scanning a printed pattern, or before "sharing" a digital file with one or more friends.

Day 1: You buy a pattern and think - "I'd like 5 friends to have this too; it's great. I'll make copies and give it to them"
Day 2: There are now 6 people with the pattern, and your 5 friends think the same as you and each make a copy and pass it on to 5 more people. Result - there are now 31 people with the pattern, 30 of them for nothing.
Day 3: The 25 newest readers each think - "Wow, this is great, I'll make a copy and pass it on to 5 of my friends," and there are now 156 people with the pattern.
Day 4: the 125 new readers think the same as you and, in turn, each makes a copy and passes it on to another 5 people. Result - there are now over 600 people with the pattern.

With the original printed pattern only one person can use it at a time, and it would have fallen apart long before 600 people had read it, but with photocopies, scans, or digital files (which many designers are now using) millions could have the same pattern in perfect condition, and only one of those has been paid for.

The above figures may be extreme, but if, of your 5 friends, only one of them copies it and passes it on to one or two others, and so on, in a short amount of time there are dozens of people who have it for nothing. Again, it's highly unlikely the original printed pattern would survive even that number of readings and still be in good condition.

If you were a designer would you give your work away, or be happy to allow someone to give it away to as many people as wanted it? Contrary to popular belief, designers cannot afford to give their work away; we don't get rich from the sale of our hard work. Respect for the intellectual property of the copyright holder ensures that the designer has full access to potential sales, and the right to benefit financially from their work. The future of further products being made available is dependent on the designer being paid for their work. Many designers have given up, so it's important that we all help to combat copyright theft. Thank you for reading!

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