To get the best results when using the Search box, use ONE keyword only.

Try to be as specific as you can in your search. This isn't a Google search, so it's not going to guess what it thinks you mean!

TIP: Do NOT type in any of the words "knit", "knitting" or "pattern" as the search engine will find all the products in this website, which isn't very helpful to you.

* Searching for Aran Pattern will return all products containing EITHER the word "Aran" OR the word "Pattern", giving far too many results.
* Searching for Aran Knitting Pattern will return all the products on this website.
* Searching for the word Aran on its own will return just the products containing the word "Aran", giving a much better result.

Use related keywords, or more basic words if you can't find what you're looking for at the first attempt.

 * Type the word "kid" and there will be NO results. Try the word "child" instead - there are plenty of relevant results, and you could find just what you're looking for!

Check your spelling! The search engine is clever, but it can't guess what you're looking for if your keyword isn't spelt correctly.